10 Questions I Asked ChatGPT On IaC, Containerisation & Orchestration


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10 Questions I Asked ChatGPT On IaC, Containerisation & Orchestration

In my previous post, I mentioned that I was using ChatGPT for a refresher of the projects I built for the Udacity CDE nanodegree (and Cloud concepts in general). It was really interesting to use so I compiled 10 of the questions I asked the bot in the last 7 days and the responses I received.

Documenting for future use!

1) Explain port forwarding in Docker to me like I'm 5

2) In port forwarding, why do the container port and app port have to be the same?

I asked a couple of follow-up questions on forwarding to different ports and I got some feedback as well. However, it also sent some misinformation that almost confused me but I got the error response/apology. In hindsight, it was partly my fault since I didn't specifically state in the other questions that it was port forwarding in Docker and I realised that when I learnt about port-forwarding with kubectl.

Not me having a conversation like it was human ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚

3) Is there a tool to automatically generate Terraform scripts from a CloudFormation script?

4) Can I save the results of running terraform plan in a file other than .tfplan?

5) How to Use Helm or another method to deploy the ALB Ingress Controller in an EKS cluster

6) Why can you forward to a different port with kubectl but not docker?

7) Can I create a Kubernetes service with more than one targetPort?

8) My Kubernetes service of type LoadBalancer has a "pending" external IP, why?

9) Does Minikube support LoadBalancer services?

I did not understand the "MINIKUBE IP" part but I found a better answer in the Minikube documentation about using a tunnel instead; run minikube tunnel.

10) Must I create worker nodes before pods can run in an EKS cluster?

I asked a lot of other questions but the main point is this tool has been extremely helpful in the past few days and I should have started using it earlier!

And you should too!

If you are on a learning journey like me; whether you are transitioning into a different field or just transitioning into tech (or any field I assume!), you should give it a try.

It might make learning a bit easier and more fun!

Thanks for reading, let me know if these helped you and see ya in the next post!