Exploring Paths - Cloud DevOps Engineering

Exploring Paths - Cloud DevOps Engineering
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If anyone told me sometime in 2020 that I would be taking Udacity nanodegrees and exploring Cloud DevOps Engineering, I'd have probably told them it was a possibility. Because it was.

I have been on this path for a while; trying to find what I can learn more about, be better at doing, where I can "also fit". I tried the Data science path last year (thanks to the Udacity X Access Bank scholarship program) but it was one of those experiences that you enjoy only while it lasts; you still keep searching.

Fast forward to January 2022 when I got a new role at a company with a "DevOps culture" and I became really curious.

(You should totally check out Cova btw!)

Then like fate, the ALX-T Udacity scholarship came along and here I am, making the most out of it.


I'll be sharing my weekly progress on here, like a mini-series. I already share a daily report on my tech IG but I watched one of the career webinars from the nanodegree, and that was a motivation to re-share them here on a per-week basis. Apart from helping me highlight my progress so far, these could also be useful to someone out there.

I would love to be able to look back in three months and be proud of all I'd have learnt.

You can come along on the journey with me ✨

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